With Theme Paella Party you Can Hardly Go Wrong!

Cooking paella in itself is a social event.

 In Spain it’s a tradition to get together with friends and family and gather around the paella as it cooks and enjoy the pleasure of the fabulous aromas and share drinks, tapas and laughter. Later to sit and enjoy the delicious paella among friends and family.

This is what we will bring to your event. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small dinner party on your deck, a corporate event or a wedding; the result is always the same, fun and great food!

With Theme Paella Party you can hardly go wrong!

And if anyone knows how to turn up the tempo at a paella party, it’s our very own Mellissa, the power girl behind Vamos Paella. Think of an event for your family, friend, and colleagues and let Mellissa take away all the headaches of organizing it for you.

Here is what she has to say:

“One October morning our first consignment of paelleros arrived on a palate from Valencia and Vamos Paella was born and we haven’t looked back.

Our ethos is simple: to use the finest, fresh produce from local ethical suppliers.

We’ve been cooking Spanish food since 2011 at our beautiful Finca Los Chispos in Murcia. Our free range chickens come from family-run butchers and our seafood from our coast.

We source our Spanish ingredients from Brindisa in Borough Market: our cured meats – jamon, chorizo, salchichon and lomo – and Manchego cheese; Calasparra rice; saffron; ñoras; pimenton dulce; olive oil.

5 enticing menus have been created, inspired by regional Spanish and Moorish influence. These menus are ideal for any paella party, big or small. And it’s hard to resist those so tempting tapas, salads, bread, salsas, and desserts. Combine them with the menu and you are good to go.

P.S. - Cheese tower served with crackers and homemade chutney is an all-time favourite.

We have been appealing to the taste buds of London, Hampshire, Surrey and beyond. Our reputation is built on quality, services, and the taste; coupled with excellent a service which is reliable, cost effective and flexible.

If you are looking for quality catering for your paella party, contact us!”

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