5 Reasons Why Paella Catering Often Represents Your Best Options at Corporate Events

Corporate events, whether they're retirement parties or annual presentations, offer an opportunity for networking, training, and collaboration. While the need for a corporate event may vary for each company owner, the importance of top-quality corporate catering is the same. In such events, the attendees and invitees look forward to dinner or lunch with an outstanding menu.

Paella Party

We discuss 5 reasons why Paella catering often represents your best options at corporate events:

1. Accommodation of dietary restrictions - Hiring paella catering services means that you and other people attending the event can be assured of great food with attention to food allergies and intolerances, without making the planning process more stressful or significantly more expensive.

2. Cost-effective meal planning - Generally, the process of planning, managing, and executing a corporate event can be daunting. Fortunately, paella catering services like ours knows exactly how much food to bring for each estimated guest to make sure each person leaves satisfied.

3. Positive impressions - Every corporate event is always an opportunity to impress your guests. This means catering services should never be ignored. After all, the whole experience can lead to better results and increase your chances of a great company image. Professionally prepared, served, and presented food gives clients and employees the impression that your company is both confident and capable.

4. Reduced responsibility - Delegating the responsibility for food to a catering company lets you mark one task off your list. We ensure a hassle-free food arrangement and preparation, by handling the process of planning menu, presenting the meals, and cleaning up after lunch or dinner. We even provide wait staff and servers so that you don't have to worry about messes or even disproportionate portions.

5. Event tone and atmosphere – The style you choose also sets the tone for the entire event. With many paella catering experiences we can tell you with confidence that tapas circulating on trays provide an air of sophistication and promote mingling, friendly conversation and a spirit of fun. On the other hand, a formal sit-down dinner for paella encourages important conversations over the meal.

Paella Caterers

Our passion for the Spanish culture and its food inspired us to bring authentic Spanish tapas and paella catering to the UK.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re looking for a reliable Paella catering services then get in touch with Vamos Paella today.

Best Paella Caterers in the UK

Welcome to Paella caterers.

Quality is our USP, commitment is our asset and a content smile on our customer’s face is our reward. Be it a close-knit family get-together, a corporate event, a surprise birthday party or a royal wedding, Vamos Paella Caterers promises to pamper your taste buds without costing you a fortune and provides you excellent services that will exceed your expectations.

Successful Events Start With Food

  • We know that nothing is more important than getting your food ready fresh and on time, which is why we are proud of our 99% on-time track record. It's a major reason why we continue to win repeat business from our clients.
  • Skilled staff and management, resourceful contacts for arranging creative decoration setups and excellent coordination amongst the organizers is our strength
  • Health is wealth and we make sure we do not make you compromise with your health. High quality checks and superior hygiene practices are of utmost importance to us and we serve fresh, quality food
  • Our pricing will be decided as per your event, number of guests, other personalized requirements and priorities. We assure you affordable services and we promise to make your event worth every penny spent. 

Planning any event is a crucial part and your catering decision plays a vital role. Choose Vamos Paella caterers, as we can transform any event into a productive and entertaining one. We meet your demands and provide best bartenders, service, chefs and event, planners. We know how to create an event a snag-free.  

We transform weddings, corporate events, cocktail parties and special events from common occasions into extraordinary, unique celebrations. A Vamos paella caterer provides clients with outstanding customer service for an unforgettable experience.

  • Our event coordinators are available to help you plan your menu, select rentals and choose décor.
  • Passionate about what we feed. We ensure all the dishes we cook are fresh and made from scratch.
  • We have experience in different kinds of corporate events helping offer a diverse range of services.

With good number of years of experience in offering event catering services, we at Vamos Paella, ensure your official or informal celebration goes without a hitch. Our main priority is to keep your guests satisfied through delicious Paella and a wide array of Tapas, breads, salsa and dessert option. 

Connect today with one of the best Paella caterers in the UK.

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4 Factors to Consider While Choosing Paella Caterers

In recent years we have been asked more to design and cater menus featuring small plates. In these situations, not only is a catered meal made up of small plates a fun and exciting alternative to the typical dishes, but it lets people sample a variety of foods. This is a great way to ensure everyone eats something they like.

And our Paella Caterers menu is appropriate for any special occasion.

Whether you would like to celebrate a personal occasion, a business event or any milestone that deserves a celebration, Paella Caterers makes the experience simple as well as special.

While choosing   Paella Caterers consider these 4 factors:

Buffets No doubt it greatly reduces staffing cost but to avoid the wait that comes with long lines, you can set up several buffet bars.

Table servicethe best alternative to buffets is table service. you can hire staff who will deliver the plates to your guest. It will emphasise the speciality of an occasion. And because paella are generally shared, we recommend to seat people at a long, family-style table.

Multiple stationsit goes without saying that there will be guest who would want larger portions or may find it odd to eat in small plates. Whatever be the reasons, with Paella Caterers consider complementing the plates with a paella station and a salad bar. A very good idea for a larger event.

Themesince you have decided on Paella Caterers along with paella; think of it not as a meal but an experience. The Spanish experience. Thus choose your drinks that go with the overall theme, maybe some sort of sangria. This is a real opportunity to be creative and wow your guests.

Our paella and Paella Caterers menu brings canapé service for refined social gathering or we can set up our marquee and offer an atmospheric street market style gathering. Our tapas, paella, sangria and tempting desserts create a festive atmosphere which will have your guest laughing, sharing and enjoying your warm hospitality.

We know that events require business like catering efficiency. Thus at Vamos, you get a manager to customize the menu for you, walk you through the planning steps and even answer all your questions. Rest assured no last minute freak outs or details overlooked. We also accommodate special dietary requirements.

Paella are easily one of the most popular global cuisines and it’s easy to see why – there are plenty of variations to be had. Contact us.

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Don’t Fret When Paella Caterers are here

Let us bring a Spanish fiesta feeling to your special day with our spectacular paellas and a broadening range of tapas and other delicacies.

Welcome from Vamos paella caterers

Our paella and tapas catering menu brings canapé service for refined social gathering or we can set up our marquee and offer an atmospheric street market style gathering. Our tapas, paella, sangria and tempting desserts create a festive atmosphere which will have your guest laughing, sharing and enjoying your warm hospitality.

Why chose us?

Paella is easily one of the most popular global cuisines and it’s easy to see why – there are plenty of variations to be had.

Fresh ingredients are clearly one of the biggest reasons to choose us. We select only high-quality products to ensure the freshness and rich taste of each dish. Our paella and tapas are hand-crafted from scratch using only the finest selection.

Add to this our responsive services and you will see easily why we are among the best Paella caterers in town. From the first call till the last bite and beyond, each client will receive personalized, friendly and knowledgeable attention. We strive to give you more than you expect at every point of your event.

Also, we don’t blink at a weird request or refuse to accommodate a small request because no request is small to us. When clients ask for creative, quirky and festive menus we revel in the challenge. We also accommodate special dietary requirements.

Celebrate your functions without any worries about food. Lose yourself in the awesome flavors of Paella. Vamos paella Caterers provides you with the best paella and tapas, whatever the occasion. At the end of the day, if your taste buds are happy, we are happy. Our paella catering service’s renowned culinary team is your resource for creative paella, innovative design, and stunning presentation. With anything from bite-sized Tapas to succulent Paella menu, we can provide with a culinary experience to remember for your birthday, wedding, conference, and anything else!

We are renowned Paella caterers in the UK bringing the delicious taste of Spain to your event – you just bring the people!

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Bring Your Event to Life Through Our Paella Catering Services

We here at Vamos paella catering services have been hand selecting flowers, setting tables, sourcing locally, making delicious Paella and Tapas, crafting cocktails, setting lights, seamlessly designing, artfully entertaining, obsessively organizing and welcoming the magic of celebration since 2011.

We are a UK based Paella catering company that caters to a number of venues in Sussex, London, Surrey, Hampshire, Oxford shire, and many other countries all over the UK.


Our services include:


Plan a wedding that is perfectly you!

Over the years we have handpicked venues, designed, planned, catered and cocktailed everything from the casual rehearsal dinner or an elegant wedding ceremony and reception or the morning after brunch.

Our Paella chef aims to retell your love story through the delicious, scratch-made food – paella, which is at the heart of every celebration. We source the freshest products available and take care to reveal their full flavors. With personalized attention and live cooking we ensure your guests’ culinary experience is one they will always remember.


The corporate event that will impress!

Give us your tight deadlines, high expectations, and scrutinized budgets, and we’ll deliver a flawless, handcrafted event that dazzles and delights! Our paella chef creates everything from custom handmade paella to air-as-light pastries. From planning and design to set up and breakdown, we are ready to serve.


That social event of the year is yours!

We believe any gathering of more than 2 people is cause for celebration. No matter what the occasion – birthday party, family reunion, anniversary party, charity, and baby shower – we deftly design every last detail, so you can savor every single moment. Trust our paella catering team and sales coordinates to handle every detail and create an unbelievable memory that will be talked about for years to come.

Apart from the main Paella course, Vamos paella catering services can also make mouthwatering appetizers, and delicious desserts which you can explore under our menu’s section. We can either work with other providers or do only the food and tapas part or we can bring your event to life through a seamless blend of design, décor, food, drink, organization and Spanish guitarists. The choice is yours and we would be happy to provide you with a free estimate without any hidden charges.

Contact us today!

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Introduction To Vamos Paella Caterers

Who are they?

Paella caterers expertise’s in bringing you an unforgettable and authentic culinary experience which can have every guest raving and praising your choice at the pickup time of your event.So, do you how does it work? The fellows from the company reach the particular destination fully armed with all possible positive energy with radiant smiles on their faces. All they want is your cooperation. . They then settle a preferred place and set up the outdoor kitchen with modern paella pans and grills, neatly organized tables for their cooking needs, and of course  a buffet table that is decorated neatly  with attractive tablecloths on which they shall place the ready  paella(s) and other appetizers  for the event. If the occasion is in the eve, they can make you feel adventurous by setting glorious lights for a perfect ambience and make it colorful and festive. Complete silence during the event makes it boring but them their Flamenco and Spanish music that play during cooking the delicious paella. They also encourage and welcome dancing.

Whats next

Then the show time comes. - The paella dish is superbly garnished and then served to your guests. The dish also include  glasses of wine and other bar staffs, to ensure your guest to feel as if they are shifted to Spain throughout the event.! Your event will definitely be an out of the world experience including  everyone sharing lives, Instagram, Face booking,  and of course Tweeting for the upcoming few days.

How we work

We, the Vamos paella caterer’s team specialize in authentic paella and tapas for various occasions like weddings, birthday parties and any personal or professional events and offer you with our outstanding catering service that includes five set menus, waiting and bar staff, plates, glass and linen hire, wedding tastings etc which can make your event a memorable one.

Just don’t wait anymore and share the details and requirements for your event like date, venue, and number of guests invited etc.Whatever you want, our jaw dropping and ever tasty menus can cater for every single event. Our sharing boards and canapes are perfect entrees for wedding events. Our paellas and cazuelas will surely fill the guests with ever hearty and tasty food that can make them appreciate and smile.

Just have a visit; we are ever ready to be right at your door step.

Enjoy most authentic Spanish Paella

Unforgettable paella catering experience

Vamos Paella, specialized in Paella catering provides you the unforgettable and original catering experience that you have ever had. Filled with positive energy, out staffs will reach at your address and can give you all the scopes to discuss about your upcoming event and your ideas for making it attractive. We can set up an outdoor kitchen in your backyard if you want. You can have original paella grills with properly decorated and organized tables where all the appetizers can be placed.

We develop the ambience by lighting up candles of different sorts. You can get a colorful and festive mood by mixing Spanish and flamenco music. We have skilled pianists who play the music during the time of cooking the tasty paella.  

Paella Caterers

It is the show time!

We garnish the paella with serve the3 way you want to your guests along with chilled sangria or wines. Your guests can get the environment of a Spanish restaurant.

We offer different types of paella dishes. Here is the list that can surely attract you.

Seafood paella

If you are a seafood lover, you can enjoy the dishes like jumbo shrimp, calamari little neck, white fish with lobster with calasparra rice. You can get garnished lobster sprinkled with lemon wedges and peppers.

Paella campesina

Good news for meat lovers! We offer chicken, pork rib, pork belly. Mixing the dishes with paella can help you get the taste of authentic Spanish paella. Calasparra rice and saffron bomba can help you in refreshing your mouth.

Vegan paella

Vegans do not think that nothing is left for you. We offer multitude of vegetable dishes. These include garbanzo beans, zucchini asparagus, and eggplant. We cook the dishes with a white wine and vegetable stock. We serve it with saffron bomba, garnished with piquillo peppers.

Paella Caterers

All these dishes for paella catering you can get at very cheap price. Sometimes nominal labor charges apply but those are much lower in comparison with the event prices. We always provide a written estimate so you can get all the details of the charges.    

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Paella Party- A Perfect Occasion For Everyone To Celebrate

Are you looking to have an overwhelming experience to your guests at your night party? Do you want to taste something best with all party environments? Then let us plan a perfect evening for you at Vamos Paella. Getting the menu right is the key to plan a good paella party.

We are not only restricted to the birthday celebrations, but we also have the special arrangements for kitty parties, product launches, inaugurations, office conferences, engagement parties etc. We cater for every event you are looking for and serve the kin of food that would make your heart smile. We are aiming to provide you with the best food experience in your life.

Get a Blissful Experience in Paella Party at Vamos Paella!

We have perfect option for everyone from children to the vegetarians or non-vegetarians. We can advise you on timings for serving cava and canapés, starters and mains, while allowing time for your guests to enjoy coffees and desserts. Our list of menus is perfect to set your evening. We are very focused on making Paella for you with all our passion. Our Comida, Fiesta, Tapas etc. are the menus are perfect to relish your taste buds and let you feel your celebration and the taste of food from heart.

We are very proud of our experienced staffs that are always dedicated to their work and their friendly behaviors always do the best. They will look after your guests so that you can relax and enjoy your party. They will serve drinks and canapés, man a bar, serve food to the tables and clear. For larger parties, we offer maître d's to ensure your party runs on time and to plan.

In our bid to deliver authentic, undiluted experiences, we’ve introduced delectable dishes in our menu which ensures the best taste and going to make your Paella Party a memorable event.

So, why are you still waiting?

Call or drop us a mail to let us host your kind of party to make your party the most memorable event ever!

Plan a Perfect Paella Party with Us!

If you are looking to plan a party with inexpensive, delicious and healthy food, then Vamos Paella is here to plan a perfect Paella party  for you! Getting the menu right is key to planning a good paella party. We can talk you through menus, how many paellas you will need and how to cater for guests with dietary needs. Most people love to celebrate and food is certainly a key aspect of any celebration. Though arranging for one such event can be hectic, and this is where our paella catering services come into the light.

Paella Party!

We have perfect options for everyone, from children to vegetarians and even gluten-free alternatives. As we take all our equipment with us, we can offer our paella catering services anywhere from your home, at the sports club or even in the park. We understand how important your event is. Our dedicated personnel will make sure your special day is one to be remembered by providing you with delicious food and excellent service. We can advise you on timings for serving cava and canapés, starters and mains, while allowing time for your guests to enjoy coffees and desserts.

Our experienced staff are dedicated and friendly; they will look after your guests so that you can relax and enjoy your party. They will serve drinks and canapés, man a bar, serve food to the tables and clear. For larger Paella Party, we offer maître D's to ensure your party runs on time and to plan. Paella is a great communal dish at the heart of any celebration and adds real food theatre to your party. We have a perfect plan to make your party even more delicious and perfect. And, we serve delicious desserts to your guests to end the party.

We understand how important to you is your event. Our staff will make sure that not a single detail is overlooked to make it perfect.

If you are one of them who are planning a perfect party, them come to Vamos Paella because we know how to plan a perfect Paella party. Call or drop us an email to know more!

Make your Occasions More Special with Paella Catering

Are you not finding the perfect venue for your event or party? Or, are you finding some issues in your chosen venue because of their not-so-good services? Then come to us- Paella Catering service, we are here to help you with the best and exciting service that would let you go crazy!

We specialized in authentic tapas and paella for weddings, parties and events and offer a complete catering service to you. We are dedicated to provide the self-sufficient, excellent in taste Spanish dishes-tapas and paella. Our service would let you feel something different and more exciting than any other ordinary restaurant.

Our delicious menus cater for every event like weddings, birthdays or community events. Our canapés and sharing boards are perfect entrées for weddings. Our cazuelas and paellas will fill your guests with hearty food and make them smile.

What We Serve in our Paella Catering Menu?

We have perfect options for everyone, from children to vegetarians, and also we have gluten-free alternatives. Our Paella menu serves:

  • Comida Menu
  • Fiesta Menu
  • Banqueta Menu
  • Tapas Menu
  • Gran Fiesta Menu

Comida Menu: Comida menu includes salads and artisans breads, that would be best for garden parties, anniversaries, christenings and evening wedding buffets.

Fiesta Menu: To have our Fiesta menu, add any three tapas - canapés or sharing boards - to our paellas, salads and breads.

Banqueta Menu: Our Banqueta menu includes desserts which you all love! For our Banqueta menu, choose any three tapas and paellas and add desserts to it, which makes a proper feast.

Tapas Menu: In our menu, you will have canapés, starter tapas, main tapas, salads and breads. Our pinchos and montaditos would leave your guests smiling.

Gran Fiesta Menu: Add any three canapés, sharing tapas, paellas, salads, breads and desserts gets you our Gran Fiesta Menu – that gets you a real food extravaganza.

To make our service best, we supply waiting and bar staff for weddings and larger parties, that lets you feel free to enjoy your event. Also, our sister company Vamos Paella Events, making us a one-stop shop for your catering needs.

Contact us now to get the best catering service by Paella Catering services!

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You can be assured of our professional service and many smiles on your special day. Because Your search ends here, At Vamos paella, we understand that a delicious food is always of primary focus in paella parties. We have created three enticing menus that will allow you to combine paella with tapas, salads, breads, salsa and desserts. Of course, this menu can be customized to cater for your vegetarian, pescatarians and non vegetarian friends alike. Get innovative and offer tasty treats to accompany paella. This could be in form of desserts, appetizers or even entrees. Checkout our site: