Plan a Perfect Paella Party with Us!

If you are looking to plan a party with inexpensive, delicious and healthy food, then Vamos Paella is here to plan a perfect Paella party  for you! Getting the menu right is key to planning a good paella party. We can talk you through menus, how many paellas you will need and how to cater for guests with dietary needs. Most people love to celebrate and food is certainly a key aspect of any celebration. Though arranging for one such event can be hectic, and this is where our paella catering services come into the light.

Paella Party!

We have perfect options for everyone, from children to vegetarians and even gluten-free alternatives. As we take all our equipment with us, we can offer our paella catering services anywhere from your home, at the sports club or even in the park. We understand how important your event is. Our dedicated personnel will make sure your special day is one to be remembered by providing you with delicious food and excellent service. We can advise you on timings for serving cava and canapés, starters and mains, while allowing time for your guests to enjoy coffees and desserts.

Our experienced staff are dedicated and friendly; they will look after your guests so that you can relax and enjoy your party. They will serve drinks and canapés, man a bar, serve food to the tables and clear. For larger Paella Party, we offer maître D's to ensure your party runs on time and to plan. Paella is a great communal dish at the heart of any celebration and adds real food theatre to your party. We have a perfect plan to make your party even more delicious and perfect. And, we serve delicious desserts to your guests to end the party.

We understand how important to you is your event. Our staff will make sure that not a single detail is overlooked to make it perfect.

If you are one of them who are planning a perfect party, them come to Vamos Paella because we know how to plan a perfect Paella party. Call or drop us an email to know more!

Make your Occasions More Special with Paella Catering

Are you not finding the perfect venue for your event or party? Or, are you finding some issues in your chosen venue because of their not-so-good services? Then come to us- Paella Catering service, we are here to help you with the best and exciting service that would let you go crazy!

We specialized in authentic tapas and paella for weddings, parties and events and offer a complete catering service to you. We are dedicated to provide the self-sufficient, excellent in taste Spanish dishes-tapas and paella. Our service would let you feel something different and more exciting than any other ordinary restaurant.

Our delicious menus cater for every event like weddings, birthdays or community events. Our canapés and sharing boards are perfect entrées for weddings. Our cazuelas and paellas will fill your guests with hearty food and make them smile.

What We Serve in our Paella Catering Menu?

We have perfect options for everyone, from children to vegetarians, and also we have gluten-free alternatives. Our Paella menu serves:

  • Comida Menu
  • Fiesta Menu
  • Banqueta Menu
  • Tapas Menu
  • Gran Fiesta Menu

Comida Menu: Comida menu includes salads and artisans breads, that would be best for garden parties, anniversaries, christenings and evening wedding buffets.

Fiesta Menu: To have our Fiesta menu, add any three tapas - canapés or sharing boards - to our paellas, salads and breads.

Banqueta Menu: Our Banqueta menu includes desserts which you all love! For our Banqueta menu, choose any three tapas and paellas and add desserts to it, which makes a proper feast.

Tapas Menu: In our menu, you will have canapés, starter tapas, main tapas, salads and breads. Our pinchos and montaditos would leave your guests smiling.

Gran Fiesta Menu: Add any three canapés, sharing tapas, paellas, salads, breads and desserts gets you our Gran Fiesta Menu – that gets you a real food extravaganza.

To make our service best, we supply waiting and bar staff for weddings and larger parties, that lets you feel free to enjoy your event. Also, our sister company Vamos Paella Events, making us a one-stop shop for your catering needs.

Contact us now to get the best catering service by Paella Catering services!

Why Paella Party Catering is the Best?

Paella is the perfect party food. It is inexpensive, delicious and healthy; every time, everywhere.

You all must be tired of eating the same old meals at parties; paella is the perfect way to break away from tradition and far more budget-friendly. One thing is for sure; your guests will love it and your party will be remembered for a long, long time.

Vamos Paella is the name to reckon with. Our passion for food, fun and keeping things simple started in 2011, gradually building our business from Paella wedding caterers to becoming top paella caterers the pan-UK. Our entire team is skilled, vibrant and knowledgeable, infusing pride in every event. Currently, we are specializing in paella party up to 500 guests at a time. So if you are looking for a delicious and scrumptious party, we are the people for you.

Be assured, we use the finest seasonal ingredients available and use the traditional method to prepare Paella. Our food hygiene and safety rating is extremely good and we take it very seriously. Even our gas burners are fully certified.



Paella is actually a traditional Spanish dish – brimming with chicken, Spanish Chorizo, shellfish, Bomba rice, and saffron, with different variations, enticing everyone with its aroma. But we can easily tailor the dish to the likes of our vegetarian, pescatarians and meat-eater friends. It is one of the most satisfying, impressive and entertaining meals to serve.

Watch our chefs prepare your choice of paella while you sip cocktails and munch on some delicious tapas and salad.

While our food alone can speak of our dedication, we also understand the importance of service. We pride ourselves in providing stellar customer service from initial meeting to post-party cleanup. Not just Paella party catering services, we provide waiting and bar staff and can even arrange table, chairs, linen, glasses, plates, and cutleries.

Hosting a meal through Vamos Paella will be stress-free, affordable and logistically invisible while a paella party will be enjoyable and gratifying as it will provide the guest with a flavorful one-pot meal with an international flair. Be sure that once you have had a Paella party, your family and friends will be looking forward to the next one.

Give us a call and let’s get started to make a perfect paella party!

4 Best Reasons To Have A Paella Party

One of the Spanish most famous offerings is paella – a Valencian rice dish that is widely loved. Paella party is an easy way for anyone to provide this exceptional Spanish dish to their guest.

paella party

At Vamos Paella we love nothing more than setting up our paella pans and creating a mouthwatering meal, using fresh ingredients and traditional recipe, before you and your guest eyes. This brings a real sense of theater to any event.

Well, that is not all. To make your paella party a success we

Have experienced chefs

Our chefs are professional and experienced – they know the right combination to create amazing paella. And they are equally great entertainers (paella is prepared onsite where your guest can see and interact).

Are professionals

We have a good amount of experience in catering for small and large paella parties alike. We even know how to control waste and contribute to cost savings. Additionally, we can also arrange for wait staff, bartenders, flamenco dancers, guitarist, and set up the venue for you.

Paella Caterers

Offer options

We offer you 5 different types of the menu for your paella party. This comes very handy, especially for a wide variety of guests with special dietary requirements.

  • Comida menu  - you can choose any three types of paella to go with our salads and artisian bread
  • Fiesta menu – here you can choose any three tapas, add paella, salads, and bread of your choice and your menu is ready
  • Banqueta menu - this best part about this menu is desserts. Choose any three tapas and paella; add our mouth-watering desserts add you have the perfect banquet.
  • Gran fiesta menu – well you might want all our specialties. Under this menu select any three canapés, sharing tapas, paella, salads, bread, and desserts
  • Banqueta tapas menu – our pinchos (on a skewer), mondatidos (on bread) are perfect tapita to welcome your guest.

Clean up

Isn’t that the most amazing part? Our paella party services include cleaning up – as we cook and after the event as well. You can easily relax and enjoy your party.

One of the primary reasons this dish is so perfect for every type of party is that it is served as a sharing experience. And the solution to a great paella party is an experienced catering service to handle everything professionally.

Let Vamos Paella cater your party reliably and professionally.

Paella & Tapas Caterers At Your Service

Whenever you want to celebrate with a meal, catering can help you make the event truly special. Whether you want to celebrate a business related event or a personal one, you will enjoy your day, even more, when you trust your catering company to handle the food. Simply choose the menu, sit back and relax; you won’t have to think twice about shopping, cooking and cleaning up.

Welcome to Vamos Paella & Tapas caterers

Organizing a wedding reception, corporate party, family get-together or any other function is not easy to pull off on your own. In fact, it can be highly stressful and fraught with the potential for disaster. Working with a full-service catering company like Vamos Paella, however, guarantees expert help even with many of the most stressful event planning task.

Menu decision

We offer a delicious range of Paella from Spanish classics like the Valenciana and arroz negro (black squid ink rice) to all-time favorites such as gambas al ajillo, pinchos morunos, albondigas and pimientos de padron. Combine our hot and cold tapas to create the perfect enticing Spanish menu. Of course, salads, bread, salsas, and desserts can also be included in the menu.

A special mention to our tapas catering specialty – light bites. We offer a selection of yummy light bites, from gourmet hot dogs served with a rocket garnish to delicious honey glazed hams with bread and salsa. As for our cheese lover clients, we have the cheese tower – an elegant and great centerpiece decorated with figs and flowers.

Event details and setup

Does the nature of your special occasion require you to rent tables, chairs or other equipment? Will you need to book entertainment, choose a floral arrangement and find decorations? Our Paella and tapas catering company can handle all these details with ease and go a step further to set up the venue for you.

Professional services

You don’t want the guest to look back on your event and think that the food was stellar but the services were sub-par. With our professional paella and tapas catering services, that definitely will not happen. Our team will take care of arranging for wait and bar staff and will even clean up after the event. Also, if you’d like to keep the leftover food, we’ll pack it up for you.

Vamos Paella offers exceptional paella and tapas along with expert tapas catering and event planning assistance, all at an affordable price.

For more information, contact our office today.

Why You Should Choose Our Paella Party Services

Are you planning on having a group of people over for a party? Wondering what to serve them?

What about something that combines the best aspects of BBQ and seafood buffet?

Imagine a leisurely outdoor party with friends and spicy paella feast, moody hues, long vases of spiky sedums and tall carafes of sangria. Many time over we have recreated the iconic Spanish rice dish – paella, with a paprika stained jumble of chicken, chorizo and shellfish over a charcoal grill, endowing it with deep, savory flavors, and crunchy caramelized bottom followed by the crowd-pleasing sangrias.

Imagine a paella party where the organic ingredients from land and sea form a natural marriage of aromas, colors, and flavors emerging from high-quality seasonal products. An all-rounded pallet pleaser!

Paella party is not just a special event; it could be a weekend family gathering in a park, near the beach or at somebody’s home. Our goal is to help you create not just a delicious menu, but a party you have always dreamed of. We specialize in paella party with our promise to you is service personalized to your needs, leaving no details unattended. We are ready and willing to completely customize a dining experience to fit your party and budget.

Our paella party services very affordable; we arrive at your party with everything you need for an exciting paella party, including eco-friendly tableware, so you can sit back and enjoy.

All food is prepared and cooked on site and all ingredients have been carefully sourced and selected, either from local producers or specially sourced from Spain. This ensures that the food at your paella party is fresh, delicious and true to the authentic Spanish taste.


How do we work?

Call or email us to discuss the menu for your paella party. When we arrive we only need a small area to start. As the tapas is prepared and served, enjoy the authentic paella making the experience. At the end of your function; even if you are still parting, we clean up your area and leave.

Our menu is a kaleidoscope of tastes and textures for any party. Try it!


Vamos paella can take care of all your paella party needs, contact us to know more

One Place For A Stress Free Paella Party

Party is a joyful occasion, and we believe paella fits in wonderfully at any party. Nothing speaks of unity so much as having your entire guest served food from one or two, carefully and lovingly cooked paella.

Tapas Caterers

From our own experience at various parties, we can’t think of a better offering to your guest than delicious food served on time!

Why choose Vamos Paella for your Paella party?

  • We take event planning stress away from you and execute your paella party. Just tell us what you want at your party and we’ll call on our deep and wide network of professionals to get it done.
  • We work in any venue
  • You can even taste before you commit. Terms & Conditions apply
  • Paella is our specialty and we are well versed with all its varieties.
  • We source the finest meat, seafood, and artisan products in the UK
  • Savor piping hot paella cooked a-la-minute upon your order right in front of you and your guests
  • Don’t fret! As we are cooking live at your paella party, there will definitely be some food smell and smoke. With years of experience, we can minimize this to a great extent
  • Our method of service means we make sure that no matter the size of your paella party, everyone is eating at the same time
  • We can scale to meet your needs and if we can’t accommodate you for some reason, we’ll give you an equally excellent recommendation.
  • We don’t have any hidden fees and can even help with staffing, venue, and rentals
  • At the end of the day, our mission is to create a memorable experience by exceeding your expectations with innovative paella, exceptional service, and refined presentation.

tapas caterers

Planning paella party is no more a daunting task. Every variety, dietary requirements and memorable experience that you are thinking about can be created. Whether you are looking for a straightforward buffet spread or a bespoke paella party menu with live station cooking, Vamos Paella is there for you.

Vamos Paella is the name to reckon with. We offer the perfect combination of flavorful food and festive atmosphere. Allow us to cater your next paella party.

This Season You Will Love Our Paella Christmas Menu

For Christmas 2018 let us help you!

The Christmas holidays are coming and surely you are looking forward to taking that well-deserved rest and enjoy parting with friends and family. That’s why, at Vamos Paella we’re getting ready for an unforgettable feast –a paella feast.

This Christmas step into our Spanish culture and experiences an impressive feast. A journey where there is songs, dance, and laughter, encompassing live paella counters, delectable tapas, delicious desserts, and sangria.

Whether you are looking for an amazing evening in a cozy atmosphere or a family gala while enjoying the best of Spanish gastronomy, our Paella dinner is for you!

Nothing ruins the holiday festivities like stressing over getting everything done. You hardly have time to enjoy the precious moments with your loved ones with all your stress. Why worry about the food when you could order from Vamos Paella for your holiday parties. Check out our specially curated Paella Christmas menu!

Our menu is very extensive and can even accommodate dietary restrictions. Best of all our paella Christmas menu options come in various sizes with your own choice of tapas, salads, desserts, and beverages, so they can perfectly accommodate your party size and budget.

Did you know the best meals are always served with a song and a dance and we have taken that concept to a new level? We can arrange for flamenco dancers, guitarist, etc upon request.

Our friendly staff offers knowledgeable assistance to help you create the perfect Paella Christmas menu for you. We can even wait and clean up after party! In short, we really do all we can to provide you with the simplest and easiest Christmas party experience.

This is because we never settle for anything less than excellent, especially when it comes to our food. We use the finest ingredients and prepare each meal with the utmost care.  We serve to taste menus that highlight the best local produce we can source with ideas and inspirations from all over the Mediterranean and an emphasis on clean flavors and seasonal ingredients.

Vamos paella specializes in creating made-to-measure events, ranging from small suppers to large Christmas galas. We take care of all the details, however small they are.

Check out our Paella Christmas menu and rest assured with our style nobody will forget your party.

A Taste Of Spain By Paella & Tapas Caterers

Tapas are small food items you can have as a snack and make it as an appetizer. The serving of tapas is designed to encourage conversation.

The ultimate way to enjoy an authentic Spanish Paella & tapas experience at the location of your choice!

Welcome to Vamos Paella

We are Paella and Tapas caterers; offering a wide variety of rice dish (Paella) and small, handmade bites (tapas) using the freshest ingredients available. In all our dishes, you will find a combination of flavors making each of our dishes unique. From an elaborate wedding to a simple lunch or dinner at your office; we cater for all events and diets. In other words, corporate meeting, private dining or any event you can think of, we have you covered.

Why choose us?

Fresh ingredients – we select only high-quality products to ensure the freshness and rich taste of each dish. Our paella and tapas are hand-crafted from scratch using only the finest selection.

Unique experience – with Vamos paella & tapas caterers at service you will experience the sights, the aromas and the spirit of Spain along with delicious food right at your location. Invite your guest to be part of our interactive culinary experience. You will be surrounded with a casual, tasteful atmosphere that will delight all the senses.

Responsive service – from the first call till the last bite and beyond each client will receive personalized, friendly and knowledgeable attention. We strive to give you more than you expect at every point of your event.

Amazing Paella & tapas – we are one of the best Paella & tapas caterers in town for a reason – our delicious and flavorful food. Your taste buds will appreciate the difference that authentic food, authentic recipe, and authentic passion make in your dining experience.

Melissa opened Vamos Paella & Tapas catering services in 2011; serving fresh local seafood and freshly prepared paella and tapas using locally sourced produce in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We also accommodate vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dietary requirements.

We feel assured that you will be more than happy with the quality of food, creative presentation, and excellent service.

Contact Paella and tapas caterers – Vamos Paella today.

The Story Of Paella – How This Exotic Dish Came, Saw And Conquered Every Paella Party

Paella is an evergreen classic that really needs no introduction. There is so much on the culinary platter around the world, but the one dish everyone unanimously loves indulging in is the mouthwatering Paella. With local variations having evolved into distinctive styles of Paella, one is spoilt for options when it comes to experiencing this melting pot of flavors.

This world-renowned dish takes time and practice to make but is worth every bit of the effort. This dish is special because of its ingredients, which are carefully chosen, cooked to the right degree and for the right time. Primarily the focus is on picking the right kind of spices, meat, rice, etc. and finally an addition of certain herbs, spices, and condiments gives the distinct taste and aroma. Paella has different recipes for different tastes and we have brought out the best dishes to serve you at your Paella party.

Spain is famous for its paella and now its almost synonymous with the country. Whenever Spain gets mentioned, paella comes to the mind. We don’t want the people of the UK to miss out on this novel specialty, so we make fresh authentic paella with our unique recipe.

If you want your next event to be a unique one and stand out from the crowd, this is what you have been looking for.

Plan your Paella Party with a little less hassle by ordering from our fixed menu; it’s an easier and faster way for any special occasion – personal or official. Add to this menu your choice of tapas, salads, bread, dessert, etc.

We bring Spain to you with our Paella Party experience. We will put together our authentic paella with the most innovative décor. We can set it up in your backyard or any place of your preference and start the Paella Party.

An experience of Spanish culture is just incomplete without Paella, a remarkable and yummy diversion of rice dish, Paella the name itself gets us salivating of this delicacy.

Order paella for the party from Paella Party now!

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You can be assured of our professional service and many smiles on your special day. Because Your search ends here, At Vamos paella, we understand that a delicious food is always of primary focus in paella parties. We have created three enticing menus that will allow you to combine paella with tapas, salads, breads, salsa and desserts. Of course, this menu can be customized to cater for your vegetarian, pescatarians and non vegetarian friends alike. Get innovative and offer tasty treats to accompany paella. This could be in form of desserts, appetizers or even entrees. Checkout our site: