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Paella Party- A Perfect Occasion For Everyone To Celebrate

Are you looking to have an overwhelming experience to your guests at your night party? Do you want to taste something best with all party environments? Then let us plan a perfect evening for you at Vamos Paella. Getting the menu right is the key to plan a good paella party.

We are not only restri…

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4 Best Reasons To Have A Paella Party

One of the Spanish most famous offerings is paella – a Valencian rice dish that is widely loved. Paella party is an easy way for anyone to provide this exceptional Spanish dish to their guest.

paella party

At Vamos Paella we love nothing more than setting up our paella pans and creating a mouthwatering …

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Paella & Tapas Caterers At Your Service

Whenever you want to celebrate with a meal, catering can help you make the event truly special. Whether you want to celebrate a business related event or a personal one, you will enjoy your day, even more, when you trust your catering company to handle the food. Simply choose the menu, sit back and …

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Why You Should Choose Our Paella Party Services

Are you planning on having a group of people over for a party? Wondering what to serve them?

What about something that combines the best aspects of BBQ and seafood buffet?

Imagine a leisurely outdoor party with friends and spicy paella feast, moody hues, long vases of spiky sedums and tall…

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One Place For A Stress Free Paella Party

Party is a joyful occasion, and we believe paella fits in wonderfully at any party. Nothing speaks of unity so much as having your entire guest served food from one or two, carefully and lovingly cooked paella.

Tapas Caterers

From our own experience at various parties, we can’t think of a better offering to you…

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A Taste Of Spain By Paella & Tapas Caterers

Tapas are small food items you can have as a snack and make it as an appetizer. The serving of tapas is designed to encourage conversation.

The ultimate way to enjoy an authentic Spanish Paella & tapas experience at the location of your choice!

Welcome to Vamos Paella

We are Paella and

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Treating Taste Buds all over UK – Tapas Caterers

Welcome. This is Vamos Paella, operating from Brighton, UK. Since opening in 2011, we’ve treated every customer like they are a part of our family. Our paella and tapas caterers services may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch.

Our mission statement is two-fold…

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A Unique Tapas Caterers For All Occasions

‘Our catering will never limit you to boring menu options or stale ideas.’

We don’t blink at a weird request or refuse to accommodate a small request because no request is small to us. When clients ask for creative, quirky and festive menus we revel in the challenge.

Welcome to Vamos pae…

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The Inventive Tapas Caterers

The menu is a prime opportunity to integrate themes into any event. At your next event, why not get in touch with your roots by adding a Spanish-inspired menu. Reflect the rich traditions of Spain by serving Paella and Tapas interpreted with unique flavours.

Let us bring a Spanish fiesta feeling …

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Paella And Tapas Catering Service To Make Your Party Extraordinary

Vamos Paella approaches your event as a start of a long-term relationship. Our Paella and tapas caterers services success is a result of our customer’s loyalty. With our impeccable service and attention to details, you can count on us to make every event extraordinary.

Enjoy the truly authentic…

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Experience A Whole New World Of Paella Party

Welcome to a whole new world of paella party. We are all about creating a memorable food experience with unique flavors, aromas, and theater at every special occasion.

Paella Party

As experienced caterers; we provide quality, delicious paella catering at reasonable prices with attention to details. We can org…

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