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4 Things to Consider for Postponing Your Wedding Paella Party

The effort to slow the spread of covid-19 has temporarily halted countless conventions, meetings, events and even weddings with many being postponed to a later date, preferably in the year 2021.

Hopefully this public health crisis will ease till then and wedding paella party will resume in its fu…

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2 reasons to throw a Company Paella Party

The benefits of hosting a company picnic last far beyond a single day of warm weather, great food and smiling faces. Your guests aka co-workers will remember what you give them, and they take their newly founded relationships and happy memories with them week after week.

Company picnics offer an o…

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Let’s Chill & Paella Party

If you are planning to have a group of people over for a party and wondering what to serve them; think about something that combines the best aspects of a BBQ and a seafood buffet – Paella.

Paella is as much a part of Spanish culture as flamenco and Antoni Gaudi. We have been paella catering for …

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5 Reasons to Choose a Paella Party Catering Service

Entertaining and hosting parties can be exciting but not always easy. Let’s face it; organizing, planning and hosting can make it an exhausting task. You’ve got to find a venue, figure out entertainment and arrange for the most important portion of any good party – good food. Thus it pays to let a p…

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5 Reasons Why Paella Catering Often Represents Your Best Options at Corporate Events

Corporate events, whether they're retirement parties or annual presentations, offer an opportunity for networking, training, and collaboration. While the need for a corporate event may vary for each company owner, the importance of top-quality corporate catering is the same. In such events, the atte…

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Best Paella Caterers in the UK

Welcome to Paella caterers.

Quality is our USP, commitment is our asset and a content smile on our customer’s face is our reward. Be it a close-knit family get-together, a corporate event, a surprise birthday party or a royal wedding, Vamos Paella Caterers promises to pamper your taste buds wi…

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4 Factors to Consider While Choosing Paella Caterers

In recent years we have been asked more to design and cater menus featuring small plates. In these situations, not only is a catered meal made up of small plates a fun and exciting alternative to the typical dishes, but it lets people sample a variety of foods. This is a great way to ensure everyone…

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Don’t Fret When Paella Caterers are here

Let us bring a Spanish fiesta feeling to your special day with our spectacular paellas and a broadening range of tapas and other delicacies.

Welcome from Vamos paella caterers

Our paella and tapas catering menu brings canapé service for refined social gathering or we can set up our marquee and…

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Bring Your Event to Life Through Our Paella Catering Services

We here at Vamos paella catering services have been hand selecting flowers, setting tables, sourcing locally, making delicious Paella and Tapas, crafting cocktails, setting lights, seamlessly designing, artfully entertaining, obsessively organizing and welcoming the magic of celebration since 2011.

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Introduction To Vamos Paella Caterers

Who are they?

Paella caterers expertise’s in bringing you an unforgettable and authentic culinary experience which can have every guest raving and praising your choice at the pickup time of your event.So, do you how does it work? The fellows from the company reach the particular destination f…

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Enjoy most authentic Spanish Paella

Unforgettable paella catering experience

Vamos Paella, specialized in Paella catering provides you the unforgettable and original catering experience that you have ever had. Filled with positive energy, out staffs will reach at your address and can give you all the scopes to discuss about your up…

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Plan a Perfect Paella Party with Us!

If you are looking to plan a party with inexpensive, delicious and healthy food, then Vamos Paella is here to plan a perfect Paella party  for you! Getting the menu right is key to planning a good paella party. We can talk you through menus, how many paellas you will need and how to cater for guests…

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Make your Occasions More Special with Paella Catering

Are you not finding the perfect venue for your event or party? Or, are you finding some issues in your chosen venue because of their not-so-good services? Then come to us- Paella Catering service, we are here to help you with the best and exciting service that would let you go crazy!

We specializ…

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Why Paella Party Catering is the Best?

Paella is the perfect party food. It is inexpensive, delicious and healthy; every time, everywhere.

You all must be tired of eating the same old meals at parties; paella is the perfect way to break away from tradition and far more budget-friendly. One thing is for sure; your guests will love it a…

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This Season You Will Love Our Paella Christmas Menu

For Christmas 2018 let us help you!

The Christmas holidays are coming and surely you are looking forward to taking that well-deserved rest and enjoy parting with friends and family. That’s why, at Vamos Paella we’re getting ready for an unforgettable feast –a paella feast.

This Chris…

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The Story Of Paella – How This Exotic Dish Came, Saw And Conquered Every Paella Party

Paella is an evergreen classic that really needs no introduction. There is so much on the culinary platter around the world, but the one dish everyone unanimously loves indulging in is the mouthwatering Paella. With local variations having evolved into distinctive styles of Paella, one is spoilt for…

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5 Essential Elements While Hosting Paella Parties

Are you a paella lover? Do you have friends who are paella lovers? If yes, then you must be hosting paella parties.

For paella lovers, Paella parties are the ultimate stress buster – be it organizing it or attending it. This serves as an opportunity for several paella lovers to amalgamate and share…

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Spanish Themed Paella Party At Its Best

You will agree, parties are supposed to be fun. But inadvertently they have become cumbersome, especially as the same themes are done over and over again. It’s always the same food, same music, same venue and the same decoration.

Impress your guest with a Paella party – Spanish theme, décor, mu…

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